• Taminick Cellars/Black Dog Brewery (map)
  • 339 Booth Road
  • Taminick, VIC, 3675
  • Australia
Black Dog Brewery and Taminick Cellars compete in the battle of hop versus grape. Five delicious courses by Rinaldo's Adam Pizzini are each matched with a beer and wine to secure the diner's vote. Which will reign supreme? It is your choice. Bus transfers from Wangaratta and Glenrowan will be provided.
As both the winemaker for Taminick Cellars and the brewer for The Black Dog Brewery, James can’t decide if his beers or wines match better with a five course feast from Adam Pizzini from Rinaldo’s.
So why not come along and help decide? James will match a beer and a wine to each course, you vote on if Hop or Grape provides the better matches on the night.
With live entertainment and a return bus service from Wangaratta and Glenrowan, as well as the food, a glass of wine and a glass of beer for each course, included in your $120 per person ticket – it’s a lovely night out!