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Following on from our November post on the top Wangaratta Restaurants from Trip Advisor users, this month we've taken a look at the popular Zomato ratings.

Based on overall rating here are the top 10:

  1. Rinaldo’s Casa Cucina
  2. Scribblers *
  3. Cafe Derailleur
  4. Buyin Time
  5. Sydney Hotel
  6. Atrium Restaurant
  7. Tandoori Paradise
  8. Pincent Hotel
  9. George’s Espresso *
  10. Watermarc

Possibly a better pulse check of more recent reviews is the top 10 Wangaratta restaurants by popularity:

  1. Cafe Derailleur
  2. Scribblers *
  3. Watermarc
  4. Rinaldo’s Casa Cucina
  5. Cafe the PreVue *
  6. Buyin Time
  7. Sydney Hotel
  8. Bertsy & Co *
  9. Pollys Pocket Cafe *
  10. Tandoori Paradise

It's always great to see some of our favourites make these lists and a few new ones for us to try next time we visit Wangaratta. If there's any other's you've tried recently or would recommend to visitors give them a shout out in the comments or on our Facebook Page.

* Cafe's only open for Breakfast and Lunch